A Creative
Amazon Expedition

A Unique Artistic Expedition To One Of The Remotest Corners Of Colombia And The World


Open your mind to a simpler way of living on a life-changing expedition to one of the most remote corners of Colombia with a select group of philanthropists, environmentalists, artists, filmmakers and photographers.

This Is Colombia has teamed up with the Gaia Foundation to curate a one-off trip to the Amazon rainforest in the remote Vaupés region on Colombia’s border with Brazil.

Ten lucky people will be invited to join a handful of global influencers on an expedition deep into the Colombian rainforest, to see at firsthand how the foundation is supporting local indigenous communities to preserve the delicate eco-systems in which they live.

Trip Details

Who will like it

Adventurous, inquisitive, philanthropists that don’t mind roughing it a little in return for a truly unique, life-changing experience

Trip length

7 days, 6 nights


From $14,950 per person

From $16,950 per person (high season - Jan - Feb)

Important Information

Important information This is a unique experience. Everyone interested in participating is invited to send an inquiry. Gaia Foundation will be responsible for selecting the people that it would like to participate based on the profile of each visitor.

Half of the profit generated by this trip goes towards the Gaia Foundation’s conservation work in the Amazon, the other half goes towards funding projects prioritized by the local population.


Day 1

Transfer to your city hideway

This will be your last opportunity to sleep in a bed for a week so choose well from:

• W Bogota – Urban cool to the north of the city

• Four Seasons Casa Medina – A top hotel in a gourmet district

After getting checked in there will be a chance to meet Gaia’s inspirational founder, Martin Von Hildebrand, at a special exhibition of the photography by Stefan Ruiz at Jose Roca’s gallery, Flora Ars+Nature. A special dinner will be prepared for the group by Leonor Espinosa at Leo, Cocina y Cava at the venue.

Day 2

Travel to River Tiquie, Vaupes

Follow in the path of legendary 20th century explorer, Richard Shultes, to Mitu where we will catch a small propeller plane to Trinidad on the Tiquie River. From here we will be met by a local guide from one of five indigenous tribes that inhabit the region. The group will travel by boat, one hour along the Tiquie River to the small village of Puerto Colombia where there will be traditional reception by the leader of the village of Puerto Colombia held in the Maloka.

Accommodation is basic. You will sleep in hammocks in one of the traditional huts built by the villages inhabitants for visitors. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be prepared by a chef that will accompany the expedition.

Day 3

Explore Puerto Colombia

During your stay in Puerto Colombia, you are invited to immerse yourself into the traditions and culture of the Ban’aa and Tijana indigenous tribes that inhabit the region. Venture down the river towards the Brazilian border on a fishing trip with an expert or accompany one of the indigenous leaders to one of the Chagras, the small farms that provide the food for each family in the village, where you will learn about the sustainable farming practices of the tribes. Early risers might be interested in a nocturnal hunting trip with the village leader.

Day 4

Learn Indigenous culture

This trip will broaden your mind. You will have the chance to learn about the traditional culture and beliefs of the indigenous inhabitants of the region as well as an opportunity to talk with Francisco Von Hildebrand about the impact of the Colombian conflict and economic development on the region. Other members of the expedition –photographers, filmmakers and artists– will also be offering an insight into their creative process.

Day 5

Mountain Life

From your privileged perch on the side of this verdant mountain, the views of the Caribbean are stunning. There’s ample opportunities to explore the rivers, forests and waterfalls on foot or visit the impressive, Proaves bird reserve. Cooking classes, mountain biking or horse riding are also available.

Day 6

Spiritual Awareness

Puerto Colombia’s spiritual leaders, or Shaman, hold special ceremonies when they need guidance from the universe on the issues concerning the village. Dressed in the traditional dress of the region with the help of etheogenic substances, Ayahuasca, or yage as it is known locally, they consult with the spirits of the jungle to find solutions to the issues affecting the village. There will be an opportunity for members of the expedition to participate in the ceremony and ask their own questions to the universe under the guidance of a Shaman.

Day 7

Return to Trinidad

Say farewell to the tribe and return by boat up river to Trinidad where the plane will be waiting for us to return to “civilization”. We’ll fly to Mitú by propellor plane before taking a charter plane to Bogota.

Day 8

Back to Bogotá

In Bogota, there will be a chance to freshen up and have a good shower before a farewell lunch held at the Gaia Foundation’s Headquarters. Expedition members will have the chance to share their photographs and experiences and contribute to the work being done by the Gaia Foundation.

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