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This is Colombia is a creative travel agency. We specialize in curating unique and authentic Colombian adventures for good people that want to do great things. 

We love to create meaningful travel stories, not sell vacuous vacations. 

Our small and mighty team of local experts live to help our clients find their tribe on their travels so that each one comes back with a unique experience that no one else can beat.

This Is Us

Rainbow Nelson


Families, Social & Philanthropy

Tintin’s adventures in Latin America were responsible for my early addiction to Colombia. 

I fell in love with this incredible country and its crazy people on my first visit as a football coach and budding journalist in 1996. 

The love affair has grown ever since. As City Editor for the Wallpaper* City Guides I was lucky enough to become the trend-setting magazine’s man in Medellin, Bogota, Santiago, Salvador and Rio. 

I’ve also hit the road for VICE, the BBC, WSJ Magazine, Jetsetter and the Robb Report. 

This Is Colombia was created to spread the word about this remarkable country and to give myself a good reason to stay at home. Sometimes I feel I’m not really building a business, more writing a (comic) book! It’s been fun so far. 

If you want to be in the next chapter I’m always on the hunt for new characters.

Clementyne Chambers

Creative Travel Director

Art, Culture & Gastronomy

I help modern travelers find their tribe in this fascinating puzzle of a country. 

I’ve spent over 3 years being the national guinea pig, filtering through the good, the bad, and the seriously ugly experiences. 

All to make sure your most demanding client has a collection of memorable-for-the-right-reasons Colombian stories to take back home. 

When I’m not curating independent content for This is Colombia or designing trips you’ll find me searching for my next flight, saving Colombian street dogs and drinking rum on street corners (it’s not frowned upon here).

Maria Fernanda Quijano

Travel Designer

Families, Couples & Romance

Born in Bucaramanga, Santander (we’re big into eating ants), I spent 3 years renting luxury yachts to celebrities in Miami before making Cartagena de Indias my home and Colombian travel my profession. 

A sucker for a good love story, I’m the go-to travel designer for some romantic inspiration, be it proposals, honeymoons, weddings or weekend escapes. 

If you’re coming to Colombia with your family I’ve tried and tested the country’s ultimate kid-friendly destinations with my niece, Sofia. 

From treasure hunts to top child-friendly beach retreats to mini-spas and fun cooking classes they’ve all been given two little thumbs up.

Eder Castillo

Head of Guest Experiences

Customer Service

100% Local, I was born and raised in Cartagena. I’m so lucky to work on what I love most, showing off the best of my country to the rest of the world. 

I’ve worked my way up from being a bellboy in Cartagena to running the show at the most creative travel agency in Colombia, thanks to my dedication to impeccable customer service and a crusade to convince colleagues and providers that we can always do better. 

I’ve mixed Mojitos for two US presidents and two of the five richest men in the world, but nothing makes gives me greater satisfaction than that magical moment when I can say farewell to more contented clients and I’m able to jump on the bus back to see my family.

Angel Briceño

Travel Specialist

Families, Couples & Romance

’m your Angel in Colombia! As probably the only travel advisor in Cartagena with a PhD in Reservoir Geophysics, I’m studious, scientific, creative and free of prejudices. 

I’ve travelled the world in the pursuit of greater knowledge, mental stimulation and fab items in charity and vintage shops. I’ve lived in Europe and United States for a decade and I am loving being back on this side of the Atlantic in my beloved Latin America (I’m from Venezuela). 

I love it when I get the chance to work with people like me that want to truly immerse themselves in this vibrant chaos called South America. I’m here to share my good vibes and scientific approach to vacation planning, so drop me a line and we’ll get creative like Frida Kahlo and conjure up some truly astonishing travel experiences.

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